In 2014, Colony Clothing Shop was opened on Clemenceau Ave UE Square in Singapore, future center of the Asian fashion. We will provide include a number of high-end labels and new experience.

Colony Clothing proposes a completely different lifestyle through fashion – a new value which blends with the mindset of those who live in Singapore, the “front door of Asia”. “New Colonial” is a style which doesn’t rely on the temporary high of just following the latest trends. We propose a fashion which stays close to a very rich and modern “Lifestyle Dualism”, a life working and traveling in big cities around the world during the weekdays, then spending weekends on an isolated island surrounded by nature.

Singapore has weaved its own vibrant culture from its multiethnic background and history. Its economy has grown exponentially, earning Singapore a powerful image. In the midst of this bustling country of possibilities, Colony Clothing provides a style that offers a simple and quiet elegance originating from Asia’s most fashion-forward city, Tokyo.

Under the theme of Japanese unique hospitality, Colony Clothing will help you find a personal image which is not overly flashy, but something that is timeless and made to your unique specifications.



83 Clemenceau Ave #01-37
UE Square Singapore 239920

Tel: +65 6733 1173

Head Office
207 River Valley Road #02-63 Singapore 238275
Tel: +65 9183 9923

Milano Office
Via Leopardi 26, 20123 Milano (MI)
Tel: +39 02 48531052 Fax: +39 02 48531053

A Number of High-End Labels

Colony Clothing / George Cleverley / Paraboot / Altea / ayame / Boglioli / Chan Luu /
Eleventy / Faliero Sarti / Glanshirts / HTCeuro / Incotex / MC2 /
Orian / Premiata / Roda / Wonder Land / Zabattigli / Zanone

Lifestyle Dualism

Modern innovation has made it possible for us to travel long distance with little time and cost, but goods and information are in excess. Every person is looking for his or her own identity. With Colony Clothing, you can craft your style after a life rich in experiences.

Japanese Unique Hospitality

Japan’s unique culture of hospitality has been applauded all around the world. With Colony Clothing, you will not only enjoy Japan’s characteristic good service, but also our staff’s knowledgeable support in crafting a signature look for each customer, as well as world-class aftercare and maintenance service.